Welcome to the Blue Mountains Bruce Trail Club

Last update 2021-10-13

BMBTC Announces Hiking changes for Step-3 Covid Re-opening

Jul 17,2021

In our club, we will maintain a group size of 15 (13 + leader and sweep). Car pooling is permitted. As we cannot determine the comfort level of hikers taking on passengers, parking may still be problematic. If car pooling, masks must be worn and when possible windows open.  Hikers MUST continue to register online for all hikes. Registration is ONLY for BTC members and their registered guests at this time. 
Registered members of the Bruce Trail Conservancy can book Group Hikes on the Bruce Trail Online Hike Schedule.

Click here for a Pre-Hike Talk about COVID-19 issues which should be given to Hiking Groups by the Hike Leader.
Updated 2021/10/13.

BTC Online Hike Schedule Re-opens for Bookings

Jun 10,2021

Registered members of the Bruce Trail Conservancy can once again book Group Hikes on the Bruce Trail Online Hike Schedule.

BTC Announces - COVID-19 Return to the Hiking Program Plan

May 28,2021

As Ontario moves out of lockdown and into the three-step plan to reopen the province, the Return to Hiking Program Plan has been updated. Our highest priority continues to be the safety and wellbeing of all our Staff and Volunteers.
The BTC COVID-19 Return to the Hiking Program Plan is described on the Hike Schedule tab.

Click here for a PDF document about the BTC COVID-19 Return to the Hiking Program Plan

BMBTC Re-emphasizes COVID-19 Safety Procedures

May 16, 2021

Hiking Responsibly & Safely in the time of COVID-19

To keep yourself and others safe and healthy, please heed these guidelines:

Stay local
  • Avoid travelling outside your municipality/region. Hike close to home.
  • if you do not live close to the Bruce Trail, postpone your visit.

  • Plan Ahead
  • Closures may happen at any time. Check what is open by visiting  the BTC Trail Changes page and the  websites of parks and other public landowners.
  • Be prepared to change your destination if you find the trail or trailhead busy.
  • Be prepared to make parking reservations at popular parks and conservation areas.

  • Stay home if you are unwell
  • If you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, stay home.

  • Practice Physical Distancing
  • Hike only with members of your household (in keeping with latest provincial outdoor gathering restrictions).
  • Limit groups to 5 people or less.
  • Keep 2 metres / 6 feet apart from anyone not in your household.
  • Wear a mask when you cannot maintain 2 metres/6 feet apart.
  • Move aside to allow others to pass.

  • Respect Closures
  • Respect any trail or facility closures.

  • Expect No Facilities
  • Do not expect public washrooms to be open.
  • Walk or hike for shorter spans of time.

  • Leave No Trace
  • Pack out everything you bring on your hike - including disposable face masks, food waste, and dog poop. Garbage cans are overflowing at many popular sites.

  • A note on End-to-End hikes:
  • Unless hiking close to home, please put your End-to-End of the Bruce Trail on hold. Whether you're thinking of a thru-hike, or completing sections farther from home that you haven’t yet done, postpone these hikes until it is safe to travel to other communities along the Trail.

  • Other Covid-19 Information Updates have been moved to the NEWS tab.

    Our Area of the Bruce Trail runs from Lavender to Craigleith.

    The terrain changes abruptly as the Bruce Trail enters the area known as the Blue Mountains. Here are Ontario's best-known ski resorts, set among high bluffs interspersed with deep wide valleys. From the Trail, there are excellent views of the rolling countryside and Nottawasaga Bay. Our area has wonderful hiking opportunities year round. Come on out and enjoy them. We hope to see you on our trails. New hikers are always welcome on our outings. Check our Newsletter for times and locations.

    New to Hiking?

    Have you seen downed trees or other impediments on our trails?
    Click here to let us know!         Many Thanks.

    Trail Reroutes and Closures:

    Before you hike we urge you to check the BTC website for details regarding trail reroutes and closures. Updates to Edition 30 (August 2020) of the  Bruce Trail Reference - Maps and Trail Guides  are found at  www.brucetrail.org  under Explore the Trail - Trail Changes and Notices    https://brucetrail.org/trail_changes.  The Blue Mountains section is covered by Maps 21-24. Note: users of the Bruce Trail App will find trail reroutes and closures are posted automatically.

    Additional local information about Trail Re-Routes in the Blue Mountains section of the Bruce Trail have been moved to the Trail Info tab of this site.

    Obituaries - of a few of our fondly missed fellow hikers

    Fri. 2020-08-14 - A BMBTC Volunteer Refreshes the Blazes on the Trail

    Blaze Refresh 2020/08/14

    Thur. 2020-08-13 - Some Interesting Mushrooms from the BMBTC Section

    Shaggy Scalecap 2020/08/13 Smoky Polypore 2020/08/13

    Wed. 2020-07-01 - Canada Day BMBTC Hikers at Duncan Crevices in the Beaver Valley section

    Duncan Crevices 2020/07/01

    Thur. 2020-07-23 - Happy Distanced Hikers on the Margaret Paull sidetrail

    Happy Distanced Hikers 2020/07/23

    Mon. 2020-06-27 - BMBTC's Terry Kimmerly using a chain saw to clear our new trail

    Terry Kimmerly Chainsawing 2020/06/22

    Sun. 2020-05-17 - Trilliums in Pretty River Provincial Park on the Bruce Trail

    Trilliums in Spring 2020/05/17

    Wed. 2020-02-26 - BMBTC Hikers at the Loree Forest

    Loree Forest Group 2020/02/26

    Wed. 2020-02-12 - BMBTC Hikers at Walters Falls

    Walters Falls Group 2020/02/26

    2019-03-27 Hart's Triple Hell Hike [with 13 +1 Participants]

    2019-03-06 Hart's Singhampton Caves Hike

    2019-01-26 Hart's Pretty River Valley Hike

    2019-01-01 Rosie's New Years Day Hike