Blue Mountains Bruce Trail Downed Trees

Report​ing​ D​owned Trees

​Downed trees and​/or​ branches hanging over the trail may pose safety risks. We encourage trail users to report ​sightings of ​such items ​promptly to the Trail Maintenance Director at
To help us locate and remove the​m​, we ​would greatly appreciate receiving the following information:

    * Location.
Approximate km reference ​based on the trail map in The Bruce Trail Reference: Maps and Trail Guide Ed 29   (or GPS coordinates, nearby landmarks, scan of the trail map with the location marked).

    * Description.
Are o​ne or multiple trees involved? Is the tree or limb on the ground, suspended above, ​or leaning into the trail? What is the approximate trunk size/diameter?
    * Photo.
​If possible, provide a photo as a helpful visual aid.
    * Your ​contact information.
We may need to follow up ​with you ​by phone or email for ​additional ​detail​s​.

If you notice any other issues or concerns as you hike our beautiful section of the trail, please provide that information as outlined above.

Remember all our trails are maintained by volunteers and they can not be everywhere.  Please be our eyes out there!!

Thanks so much for your help.