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Last update 2020-03-29

Bruce Trail Club Events & Hikes

All organized hikes across all 9 Clubs are being cancelled until April 30, 2020.

We recognize the hike program represents an important outlet for many of our members to reduce stress, socialize and stay physically active. The Bruce Trail Conservancy has made this important decision to be proactive, to do our part to support the health care system, and to keep our volunteers and members safe.

The following other Club events and programs are affected through April 30th:
  • Club social events & workshops are cancelled or postponed
  • Club Annual General Meetings to be held by teleconference
  • Trail Angels (trailhead transportation program) cancelled
  • Trail maintenance group activities cancelled

Bruce Trail

In an E-mail sent Friday March 27, 2020 Michael McDonald the CEO, Bruce Trail Conservancy said:

"We didn’t think we’d ever be encouraging people to stay off the Bruce Trail, but unprecedented times call for unprecedented measures. For the safety of our communities, and to assist the province with its efforts to keep our communities safe as the COVID-19 pandemic quickly evolves, I have an important request:

Please postpone your use of the Bruce Trail for walks or hikes until further notice, to minimize the spread or contraction of COVID-19.
Many parks, conservation areas, municipalities and other landowners along the Bruce Trail have already made the difficult decision to close their facilities and access to trails. In these areas, hikers should consider the Bruce Trail closed. We support these organizations and landowners in their closures to halt the spread of the virus."



Please be sure to follow the advice of Public Health Officials to stay safe and keep others safe. You'll find trusted information here:

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