Blue Mountains Bruce Trail Club Hike Schedule

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BMBTC Pauses Organized Hike Schedule

In response to recent changes in the COVID-19 zones of various communities, on November 20, 2020 the Bruce Trail Conservancy has updated guidelines for our organized hiking programme.

Changes to Hiking Program: Group limit of 10 and mask requirement

Group size for hikes with a Bruce Trail Club is limited to 10 people, and the wearing of masks on group hikes is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED

At this time, due to these new protocols and the need to keep both leaders and hikers safe, the BMBTC has made the decision to place our organized hike programme on pause.

The BTC will continue to monitor regulations and will adapt protocols accordingly.  As protocols change, the BMBTC will re-assess and make informed decisions in the safety of returning to an organized hike programme.

ALL November and December hikes have been cancelled at this time. 

Thank you for your support and here is hoping we will be hiking together again soon,

- Blue Mountains Bruce Trail Club Hike Coordinator Team

Hike Programme Resumes July 1, 2020 for Blue Mountains Club

Now that we are able to gather in groups of 10, our Club is resuming our organized hike programme beginning July 1. During this time, hikes are for BTC members only and pre-registration is required.
Group size is limited to 10.

To register for a hike:

  1. Head to the online Hike Schedule Calendar at
    (You'll see Blue Mountains Club hikes in light blue.)
  2. Make sure the Hike Schedule Calendar is on July 2020 (by default it shows the current month).
  3. Click on a hike you are interested in.
  4. Follow the link in the hike description to register.
  5. Complete the online form.
  6. Check your email inbox for your confirmation.
  7. Review the Guidelines for Hikers joining Group Hikes. on the BTC website ( > Hike Schedule)

Other Covid-19 Information Updates have been moved to the NEWS tab.

Changes to our Hike Registration Procedures

The Covid limit of 10 hikers to a group has resulted in our hikes being fully booked months in advance. If hikers don't show up for the hike or cancel at the last minute then other hikers have missed out on a hike and get together. We are introducing a Hike Cancellation Policy to deal with this situation.

The Blue Mountains Bruce Trail Club is making changes to how we handle hike registration cancellations and no-shows in order to accommodate the many members who wish to participate in our organized hike programme while keeping group sizes within the limits for outdoor gatherings.


To cancel a hike registration, email the hike leader.
If you are feeling unwell and need to cancel on the day of the hike, please phone or text the hike leader.
You'll find the email address and phone number for the hike leader in the hike listings online and in your Blue Print newsletter.


To get on the waitlist for a full hike, email the hike leader. Include your phone number, member number, and emergency contact name and phone number, so that the Hike Coordinator Team can add you to the hike waiver list. You will get an email confirming your registration if space becomes available.

Multiple No-Shows:

Hikers who no-show (i.e. do not attend a hike but did not cancel) more than twice will be removed from all other hikes for which they have registered and will need to request to be put on a waitlist. The Hike Coordinator Team will notify individuals by email who reach this limit.

Thank you for your cooperation in helping us maintain a respectful hiking environment!

- Blue Mountains Bruce Trail Club Hike Coordinator Team

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a)  Unless stated otherwise, all hikes meet in the parking lot behind Tim Horton’s on First St. in Collingwood

 b)  Hikers should come prepared, having read the Hiker’s Checklist below.


c)  Hikers will be required to sign a waiver similar to that set out below prior to the commencement of the scheduled activity:


“I acknowledge that this activity of the Blue Mountains Bruce Trail Club in which I am participating involves risks which are be-yond the control of the club. Notwithstanding the acknowledgment of such risks, I hereby release the Blue Mountains Bruce Trail Club, its contractors, employees, volunteers, agents, assigns and executors from all claims for damage however so arising as a result of my participation in this or any other activity organized by the club. I agree to pay the cost of any emergency evacuation of my person or belongings that may be necessary. I affirm that I am aware of the nature of the activity, its approximate length, duration and degree of difficulty and that I am properly equipped and physically able to participate. I have no medical or other condition which might preclude my participation.


d)    Hike Rating Criteria. – (This is being adopted by all Bruce Trail Clubs as of 2014) 

  •  Leisurely - 3 km/hr. or less
  •  Medium - 3 to 4 km/hr
  •  Brisk - 4 to 5 km/hr
  •  Fast - 5+ km/hr
  •  Easy - Mostly flat and usually good footing.
  •  Moderate - Some hills and/or some poor footing
  •  Strenuous - Hilly with steep climbs and some poor footing.

Hiker's Checklist

1. Check distance, pace and terrain of hike to ensure it is within your fitness level. Call the hike leader before the hike if you have any questions or concerns.


2.  If you have any health problems that could affect your hiking performance, inform the hike leader.


Note: If you have any known asthma, allergies or hay fever, carry antihistamines. Asthma sufferers should carry their asthma medications or inhalers and, in winter, always carry an inhaler. Allergy suffers should carry an EpiPen(s) and ensure someone on the hike knows where you carry these. Diabetics should carry their medication.


3.  Wear comfortable boots/shoes. Hiking poles help on hills and with balance.


4. Take a spare pair of shoes to change into at the end of the hike. Carry plastic bags to protect the car from muddy boots and remember your car keys.


5.  Have a backpack or waist pack to carry the following:


Cell Phone


Water or other beverages in screw top containers (extra in summer or on longer hikes)


Snacks (plus lunch if indicated in the hike write-up)

Plastic poncho/rain gear to conserve heat and provide seating and rain protection


Spare pair of socks and boot/shoelaces, duct tape, whistle, 2 aspirin


In winter: Thermal blanket/space blanket, extra layer of clothing


In other seasons: Insect repellent, sun block. Check for ticks after hiking.

6.   Enjoy your hike!