The Blue Moutains Bruce Trail Club End to End Waiver Form

Please fill out our Waiver Form and bring it with you to the start on May 26 or May 27 [just once]


End-to-End Hike Waiver – May 26 & 27 /2018

I acknowledge that this activity in which I am participating, organized by The Bruce Trail Conservancy (BTC) and/or its member Clubs, involves risks that are beyond the control of the BTC and its member Clubs. Notwithstanding the acknowledgement of such risks, I hereby release the BTC, its member Clubs, contractors, employees, agents, assigns and executors from all claims for damage however so arising as a result of my participation in this and any other activity organized by the BTC and/or its member Clubs. I agree to pay the cost of my emergency evacuation of my person or belongings that may be necessary. I affirm that I am aware of the nature of this activity, its length, duration and degrees of difficulty and that I am properly equipped and physically able to participate. I have no medical or other condition that might preclude my participation. I agree to follow the directions of the leader and any assistants at all times.


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